Manage Customer Expectations

How Long Did It Take? Trakk It!

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Do you find customers adding to your project, asking for one thing but expecting 10 more?

Do they expect things to take much less time than they should? SiteTrakker removes all these problems.

Allowing the customer to see all aspects of the project in one place means the customer’s expectations are managed and the project can move along smoothly.


Excess Material On-Site

What’s Left Over? Trakk It!

Do you find a constant surplus of expensive materials?

Are you finding a lot of waste after each project that costs you money?

SiteTrakker provides you with a clear view of what materials your team are using across all projects and helps you to manage when and where they’re used.


Material Theft and Damage

What’s Left Over? Trakk It!

Do you find materials going missing or tools being misplaced or damaged?

Tracking what equipment is being used and when gives all users accountability so when things do get misplaced, it puts a stop to the blame game.

Control who is on what and where, ensuring everything remains where it should be.


Adherence To Program

Are We On Track? Trakk It!

Do you know what needs to be completed, when, and how long it’ll take?

Can you plan out the project on a week-by week basis? Prepare your whole team for each and every week, letting you stay on track and focus on only what you need to.

Put a stop to unnecessary delays and turn up on site every day with an approved plan of action.


Contra Charges

Disrupted Cash Flow? Trakk It!

Do you find contra charges constantly creeping up on you? Do you need a way to create full transparency with your customer? Being given the ability to record and save plot progress and upload photographic evidence informs key decision makers at all levels and avoids unwanted additional charges being invoiced.


Missing Customer Extras

Get Paid For What You Do. Trakk It!

Do you provide the customers with extra without charging them?

Do you forget to bill them for work that was verbally agreed?

By seeing all extras added onto your project timelines, you will reduce the risk of not getting paid.

When things are tracked properly and in good time, you are guaranteed to become more profitable.

Become More Efficient And Improve Your Cash Flow

Book A Demo

Can you spare an hour to get your business running more efficiently?

SiteTrakker’s demonstration will last no longer and will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the interface, key features and everything that will help greater manage your projects.

Wherever you are, one of SiteTrakker’s team will arrange a visit either in-person or online, answering all the questions you might have and ensuring you see all the benefits it brings, from report generation to stage completion notifications.

If the SiteTrakker demonstration was enough to convince you, all that needs to be done is to have your project’s information uploaded, a unique login and password for the app and before you know it, you’re on your way to increasing your profits.

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