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Do you know what your operatives are up to and what they have planned for the week ahead? SiteTrakker is the project management control you’ve been looking for.

Providing you with a clear and easy to monitor management system, you’ll know what work is coming up and when the materials are called off at all times.

Instantly see the status of your project with the press of a button and have full management control in the palm of your hands.


Real-Time Project management

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Is project management becoming too much of a chore and are you finding yourself constantly chasing your tail and on the back foot?

SiteTrakker presents your next construction project management in an easy to read and digestible format, available to download straight to your iPad or tablet device.

With real time updates, you’ll be informed of any and all developments onsite as and when they happen, giving you more time to make sure the construction project comes in on time and on budget.

Be the oracle of truth on site and know the live status of everything by taking complete control with this construction project management software.


Assign & Monitor Tasks

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Can you always remember what was agreed? Do you forget who was given which task and when it needs to be completed by?

SiteTrakker provides you with the easy-to-use construction project management software to make sure these questions don’t need to be repeated.

With the project in the palm of your hands, you’ll be able to have a record of delegation and see who exactly is doing what in real time, preventing needless delays.

Take the project by the scruff of the neck and make sure everything is being completed as agreed.


Track Progress

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Are you looking for a way to monitor your construction site’s progress and make sure everything is running to plan?

SiteTrakker tracks your construction project in real time, giving you an easy to access project timeline that you can comfortably manage.

Easily view the status of everything, from the expected delivery of materials to the progress of your subcontractors and know exactly how the project is developing day-by-day.

SiteTrakker gives you the tools to be able to plan accordingly and maximise your construction site’s efficiency.


Real Time Information

Be The Boss. Trakk It!


Information can change rapidly on a construction site, and it can be hard for even the most organised person to keep on top of everything.

SiteTrakker is the construction project management app that removes the headaches caused by misinformation and changing details. Working from a shared project, all users on a single construction site can see and react to the information in real time, helping it run more efficiently.

With the ability to store site layouts, drawings, material schedules and all relevant site information, SiteTrakker gives you the tools to be the most informed person onsite.

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Send Material Requisitions

Maximise Productivity Trakk It!

Are you looking for an easy way to order materials? Do you need a means of easily tracking everything ordered?

SiteTrakker takes away the stress of managing paperwork and enables material requisitions to be accessed with the click of a button.

Make juggling paperwork a thing of the past and stay on top of all your material orders with this projection management software. Stay on top of your material orders and get them sent in without losing any time helping your businesses grow.


Manage Customer Extras

Increased Workload? Trakk It!

Are your customers adding extras onto your construction project? Are you managing to keep on top of them and ensure they are done on time and on budget?

SiteTrakker provides construction sites with the tools to log and manage any additional workload that the customer might require.

Put an end to verbal agreements and have a dedicated location for extras to be managed and seen by all relevant parts on the construction site. Make sure they fit into the overall project timeline, aren’t neglected and are completed on time to keep your business growing.


Save Time & Money

Increase Profits. Trakk It!

Are you looking at ways to save time and money in your next construction project?

Do you want to become more efficient and maximise your businesses growth?

SiteTrakker provides construction sites with software that can track all aspects of the project.

Monitoring the call off of materials and anticipated production helps you maximise your site’s resources, while material reports help you make informed decisions regarding stock levels, improving monthly cashflow.

Make losing time and money a thing of the past, and let Sitetrakker help you run more efficently


Available Anywhere

Be The Boss. Trakk It!

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Are you looking at being able to access your construction project even when you’re not on site?

As long as you have the SiteTrakker app installed on your tablet or iPad, you’ll have access to your project management tool, allowing you to become much more efficient with your time. No need to constantly visit the site in order to view its status, just pick up your device and start managing.

SiteTrakker provides offline usage to you wherever you are in the world, meaning you’ll never miss a moment of your project’s development.


User Friendly Tablet Interface

Stay In Control Trakk It!

Looking for a project management app that is easy to use?

Designed with you in the mind, SiteTrakker is an incredibly user-friendly app that is easy to use whether you’re an experienced tech-head or complete tech novice. With a series of simple on-screen instructions to get you started, you’ll have your digital project in front of you in no time.

Download it straight onto your iPad or tablet device and put the project in to the palm of your hands.

Guides For You

Any project management system used within construction should help answer these 3 important questions.

Can you answer yes to the all the questions raised in the checklist? If not then you need to consider a project management software.

Are you taking charge of a new project and looking for some advice? Here’s 5 tips that’ll help your project run much more efficiently.

Book A Demo

Can you spare an hour to get your business running more efficiently?

SiteTrakker’s demonstration will last no longer and will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the interface, key features and everything that will help greater manage your projects.

Wherever you are, one of SiteTrakker’s team will arrange a visit either in-person or online, answering all the questions you might have and ensuring you see all the benefits it brings, from report generation to stage completion notifications.

If the SiteTrakker demonstration was enough to convince you, all that needs to be done is to have your project’s information uploaded, a unique login and password for the app and before you know it, you’re on your way to increasing your profits.

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