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The housebuilding sector is set to take off in the next couple of years

With over 300,000 new homes expected each year by the middle of this decade, trades from all corners of the sector are set to be overwhelmed with the number of projects available.

But do you have the capability of accurately managing all of these projects to the best of your abilities, while also maintaining efficiency and cash flow?

Probably not.

But there are tips, tricks and tools available at your disposal that can take away the stress of managing multiple construction projects.

In this blog, we highlight some of the easy methods you can use to take control of multiple construction projects at once, while also highlighting how a project management tool can take your project management to an all-time high.

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Keep Everything In One Place

It seems bizarre that in the 21st century with all types of cloud-based technology at our disposal, so many projects still rely on a physical paper trail and huge filing cabinets to keep it all safe.

All it takes is for one piece of paper to go missing and you’re on the back foot.

This problem is only escalated the more projects that are piled onto your building business. With multiple projects, there are multiple paper trails, within multiple filing cabinets multiplying the chances things can go wrong.

The quick and easy solution is keeping everything in one easy to access place that can be reached whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Manage Customer Extras & Expectations

How many times have your team been on-site, completing work that wasn’t previously agreed or even scheduled?

Not only is this a waste of your team’s efficiency, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your finances.

After all, if it wasn’t in the plan, there’s no way you’ll get paid for it.

Having project management software like SiteTrakker can help manage these expectations, giving you a dedicated means of logging any requests from customers.

Not only does this help improve accountability, but it also improves the invoicing process.

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Real Time Tracking

You don’t need to be told how easy it is to fall behind when you’re juggling multiple construction projects.

Having the ability to keep an eye on the time and money being spent on each site helps reduce the stress and optimize your workflow.

With a project management tool, you can accurately track the progress across multiple projects. Within a short matter of time, you’ll quickly be able to see where your bottlenecks are and quickly rectify them.

It’s important to regularly review the progress of your projects, which brings us on to the final top tip for a more streamlined management approach.  

Streamline Report Creation

The more project’s you have, the more reports are required. This can quickly become a never-ending task where it seems like a report is having to be created almost every day.

The simple solution is making sure you have a quick and easy way to generate these reports, send them to all the relevant people, and get your invoices sent in on time.

Combining all of the above points with project management software for your construction company, you can easily streamline the process of creating reports, wherever in the world you are.

Because the data and information is up to date and all in one place, all it will take is a few moments or your time and your report will be good to go.

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Everything discussed above can be achieved through the arrival of one very simple tool. Project management software.

Having a tool such as SiteTrakker will help you run much more efficiently, improving your cash flow, and minimising any unnecessary burdens.

This also includes helping seamlessly take control of multiple construction projects at once.

If you’re looking at taking your business into the 21st century and want the latest tools of the trade to run more efficiently, book a demo with the SiteTrakker to propel your construction business forward.