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Did your last construction project run efficiently?

Probably not, but it’s not an uncommon experience. In fact, the construction industry is notorious for being unproductive, failing to meet the gains made by other industries.

Compared with sectors that have continued to increase output on all jobs, the construction industry has only increased by 14.8% over the course of the last three decades.

It’s fair to say, there are huge gains to be made.

In this blog, we explain how.

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Project Management Software Improves Construction Efficiency

As projects become much larger and are working to tighter deadlines, what was once considered something of a luxury in the industry is now essential and should be the first thing to consider when looking at driving efficiency forward.

Tools such as these also help manage your materials, knowing where they are and how they’re committed so that your time can be planned accordingly. 

If you’re looking to instantly improve efficiency, a project management tool is a must-have, and can quickly and easily be integrated into your next job.

Increase Project Efficiency Managing Customer Extras

How many times have you been working to your tight deadlines for the customer to turn up and add to your already ‘bursting at the seams’ to-do list?

Little and often, these customer extras can quickly become the difference, stopping your project from finishing on time and on budget.

Having a tool, such as project management software where you can log and manage your list of jobs helps take this pressure away. If you have a tool that puts lists everything that needs doing, it will allow you to manage your workload more accurately and keep on top of your invoicing.

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Produce On-Site Reports Quicker

Being able to manage and report on your sites in real-time is another way that can help you run more efficiently.

If you’re in charge of multiple sites, time can quickly be lost as you drive from project to project in order to find get the latest information and status updates.

Having a tool, such as project management software means that with the click of a button, you can easily view everything from wherever in the world you are.

Additional Training For The Construction Industry

Reforms at apprenticeship levels are required in order for education programs to truly catapult the industry to new levels of efficiency.

Ideally, you’d want to get the next generation learning on the job and on construction sites as quickly as possible, but it’s not that easy. Introducing them through new technologies such as social media or streaming services helps this process and build an interest in construction. 

Having a workforce that is educated, enthusiastic and already experienced with whatever is on offer means that there will be significant increases in efficiency.

The Latest Technology For Construction

Over the course of the next 20 years, 600,000 jobs in the construction sector alone could potentially be replaced by new technology.

Simple things such as biometric technology can lead to cost savings and improved health and safety while providing teams with mobile devices can help simplify site-wide communication.

Construction is also turning towards automation and 3D printing, helping provide a faster and more accurate construction process while project management software is also becoming more commonplace on construction sites.

With these new technologies in place, companies are already beginning to see improved efficiency with 54% of digital adopters reporting a productivity increase.

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As we’ve discussed, there are a number of ways of taking your next project to new levels of efficiency. What’s more, these can also be achieved by having project management software.

Having a tool like SiteTrakker can help sub-contractors in the construction industry more efficiently.

A short-term solution for long term goals, SiteTrakker gives you the tools to track your own progress, monitor materials, and help improve your cash flow.

If you need to find a way to improve your next project’s efficiency, then book a demo with our team today.