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With construction output set to rise an additional 6.3% in 2022, despite material shortages and price rises, all eyes will be on the efficiency of your project and how effectively you can deliver to your customer.

Being able to closely monitor your construction project’s progress is essential and will help guide your decision-making process.

In this blog, we’ve highlighted some top tips to help take control of managing your construction site’s progress, helping your business to achieve its goals, run more efficiently and make more money.

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1: Define A Completion Date For Your Construction Work

Without setting a definitive completion date, you are essentially working blind. This means that can easily fall well behind deadlines, cause friction between you and the customer and ultimately loose potentially thousands in revenue.

The completion date is the most important part of any construction project and helps you set and define a clear path through the project, allowing you to understand exactly what is needed and when.

Setting a completion date is similar to setting a goal as it gives you the tools to take control without having to rely on external forces. It gives you and your business a single vision, allowing everyone to be working for the same purpose.


2: Set Significant Project Landmarks

Building on from the previous point, you also need to set milestones. This helps everything run more efficiently than setting an end goal and just saying ‘go’.

These construction milestones might be something like the date for a first fit, the date materials should arrive on site, or when the homes will be open for your trade. Only with setting these goals will you know how well the job is progressing, giving you the flexibility to react accordingly.

For example, if you know that there is a delay with your materials, you will have to use that time on another part of the project.

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3: Regularly Visit The Construction Site

As the business owner, it’s up to you to ensure everything is running smoothly and on time. It’s all well and good receiving regular texts or emails from the trades on site, but nothing paints a clearer picture than getting feet on the ground and seeing the construction site in person.

As well as helping build greater communication on the project, it gives you a chance to get up close and personal with the work your team are doing, addressing any issues, concerns or queries and reacting accordingly, helping to get everything and everyone working together.


4: Construction Project Management Software

All of the above is achievable whatever levels of technology you have at your disposal.

However, what makes it far easier to plot and manage is having a dedicated project management tool just for your construction business. Available as an app or through a web browser, project management software gives you complete freedom to manage and monitor your ongoing projects wherever you are, whenever you need to.

These tools are available for all sorts of projects and help streamline business operations. As well as giving you a single place to log milestones and set targets, they are used to help take back control of cash flow, making your business far more efficient.

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These four steps make seem like obvious ones to take in order to record your construction site’s progress, but you’d be surprised at how differently people approach projects.

The most obvious step is of course setting a completion date and defining a series of milestones. These allow you to really understand how effective your project is and to what level you’ll be ahead or behind schedule.

The ultimate goal is having a form of technology that does this all for you, giving you notifications and clearly presenting the project wherever you are.

SiteTrakker does this and much more, which is why we think it’s such an important part of the house building sector.

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